Things To Consider For Your app design

October 10, 2017 @ 9:09 am

Before you get deeper into building your own application, the first step that you will undergo is to how you would design your application. Now, what you feel is good and cool would not matter here because what you should be looking at is whether your target audience will get drawn to it and would love the thought of using it.

The Five Pillars For A Great Interaction Design

So to help you through the first phase of building your application, the following are the things that you will need to consider in formulating the app design that you are going to use:

  • Goal-driven – This has already mentioned above but just to reiterate, it is important that your design is geared towards your audience. What you think would fit should come last if there is something that would be preferred by your market. You need to have an app which is designed to suit their needs and not yours.
  • Usability – Of course, you are creating an app so that people could use it. Never take pride in making complicated apps because people will not waste their time downloading something which they will be having trouble using.

  • Use of Signifiers – Signifiers are those elements in your app that has a certain function. For example, a blue highlighted text will mean a hyperlink that will take you to another site or page.
  • Learnability – It is one thing that your app is usable and it is another for it to be learnable. Being learnable means that the user will be able to grasp the concept of your design it to be able use it at their convenience.
  • Feedback and Response Time – Feedback notifies the person using whether the task was completed, slow response time might lead to disinterest on the part of the user.

Creating an application would be easy if you are able to do the initial phase well.

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