The Life Of Blake Goldring

April 7, 2017 @ 11:07 am

The University of Toronto has made a lot of successful people today. Because of the quality of education that they provide in their university, people who have graduated from this university has truly gone a long way from the fields of occupations that they have focused in. One of the most well-known alumni of this university is Blake Charles Goldring. This man has truly established his name in the industry that he is currently in and has truly made his alma mater proud because of all the achievements that he has made in life and all of the contributions that he has given to the community.

Who Is This Man?

Blake Goldring is an alumnus of the University of Canada. As of present he is described as the following:

  • entrepreneur
  • philanthropist
  • Canadian business leader

Today, he is the chairman and chief executive officer, also known as CEO, of AGF Management Limited. He started out as an analyst of this company when he started to work at the AGF on the year 1987 and today, he has risen as the CEO because of his dedication and hard work for the company.

Contributions To The Community

Aside from being the CEO of AGF Management Limited, Goldring has also done a lot of things to the community. He has been a part of The Royal Regiment Of Canada in the year 1996 and even has become the Honorary Colonel of the Royal Regiment of Canada in his succeeding years. Aside from this, Goldring has also become involved in the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre In Toronto where he has become a board chair. He is also involved in the Canadian business community because he has become the director of the C.D. Howe Institute. The things that were mentioned earlier are just some of the contributions that Goldring has made to the community.

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