How to Make Your Own Website and Blogs

March 24, 2017 @ 8:07 am

In the past decades, the internet was used mainly as a source of information for individuals. Webpages in the last 25 years ago were simple and provide conversation which is one-sided and favors those owning the webpages. As time goes by, the internet becomes more lively thanks to the introduction of online store and online transactions that can be done with just one click of the mouse. Then comes the introduction of social web where users can actively participate in the online world. Today almost all users go to different sites who gives two-way communication such as social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) and blogs (also known as web logs).

Blogs started in the late 90’s. Individuals can post their daily event in lives and whatever that comes into their mind. In turn, readers can read this blog starting from the most recent to the oldest. As time goes by, you can now post comments on this blog sites. If your blog is frequently visited and causes heavy data traffic on the internet, you can request from some company to put their ads on your site to generate some incomes.

For starter, if you want to create your own website or blogs then you need tools that will enable you in doing it so. And one of the best and most popular tools available in the market nowadays is the WordPress Themes. Minimalist WordPress themes are very useful for making blogs, online businesses, and promotions of your products.

What is WordPress Themes?

WordPress themes provide stylish ways of presenting your website including its layouts. It is basically a collection of files that are working together to create what you see in your sites. Basically, WordPress themes required two major files which are: index.php (main template file) and main style file (style.css). WordPress themes provide font styles, different colors and styles for blog posts and blog archives.



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