Free Instagram Followers: Using Geotags and Hashtags

July 11, 2017 @ 12:09 pm


What is Instagram?

The Instagram is one of the most talked and notorious social media application that was used by most millennials nowadays. The Instagram can be used using either through mobile or desktop. Like other social media application, it has the capability of allowing the user to share his/ her photos and videos in the public. Moreover, if you don’t want other people or you want only selective people to see your stuff, you can edit your settings into private mode.

The social media, which is the Instagram, is made and launched by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in the year 2010. The Instagram was made exclusively, at first, only for the iOS operating system as a free mobile app. However, due to its proliferating popularity among millennials, it was made available in the Android two years after it was launched. By the same year, it was made possible to use using a website- interface. And lastly, by the year 2016, it was made compatible with new operating systems and devices such as:

  • the Windows 10 Mobile
  • other Windows 10 devices, such as PC.

How do I Increase the Number of My Followers?

The Instagram is capable of letting its registered user to upload any photos and videos. Moreover, through Instagram, you can apply different types of digital filters to your image to increase your followers. There are many sites online that will teach you on how to have a Free Instagram Followers. You can also add your locations to your post through geotags and you can also link your post to other existing posts in the Instagram through the use of hashtags.

The Instagram, together with Facebook and Twitter, have become a source of information for many millennials nowadays. One of the major reasons why these kinds of applications have been popping on the Internet is to provide a free will to express your thoughts without caring much what would other people say.


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