Football One: Game Predictions and More

September 25, 2017 @ 7:00 am

A lot of people enjoys gambling their money, specifically elite people who has a lot to spare and just want to enjoy the games. But, sometimes, they also take gambling seriously when they are betting big money for their profit. For those who are already bored with slot machines and pokers, there is another way for you to gamble your money and that is by betting on sports!

From the first goal up to the number of penalties, everything that you can think of can be part of the situs bola. Some of the prizes are small, but others come big as millions.

What You Can Bet On

Winning Team – the betting with the highest gain or lose is deciding which one of the teams will win. People who take this seriously will watch their favorite team’s each play to determine if they have the chance to win the game. Of course, you can also look at the winning probabilities of other teams so you can know if you will bet on another team.
First Ball – in football, a toss coin is done at the beginning to know where the ball will start. Gamblers can bet either on the first goalies or first service as predicted by the coin.
Penalties – another thing that you can bet on is the number of penalties in the game or per team. Since games are not always played clean, there can be a few fouls and conflicts in the game that you can bet on.
MVP – no matter how good the team is, there is one that will outshine them all and will be crowned as the most valuable player with certain number of assists, goals, and even drives. You can choose to bet on the whole league or just for a single game.

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